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Original Sketch Comedy Shows

Like Saturday Night Live?  Want to see a live show just like it, with topical humor and references to your family friends and coworkers?  Well, then, you would love our sketch shows!

We bring our crazy comedy troupe to your event or stage and run the whole show.

Sketches can even be customized to include people in the audience.  If you have a corporate function, we can include inside jokes about the company, the annoying guy down the hall, or even the boss.

Joe Baloney & the Go Down Players

The world of sketch comedy has never been the same since The GO Down Players burst onto the scene.  Poking fun at everything from TV and sports to Politics and everyday culture with orginal material.  No Nationality is sacred.

Original Characters

Our hilarious cast of original characters are developed around funny cliches and include …

  • Vide President Richard C. McCorkle
  • Jerry Scungili
  • Buck McClusky
  • Benie & Zeke Lebowitz
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez Alvarez
  • Helmet Von Steindorf
  • Ivona Cutyourcransoff
  • “Big” Jim McCroski
  • Gertrude Yoder

Our Sketch Comedy Shows

  • The Sketch Show
  • The Skecth Show, too?
  • The SON of Sketch Show
  • The Sketch Show Returns
  • The Holiday Sketch Show

Catchy names, huh?

Some of our More Creatively Named Sketches

  • This Damn Old House
  • Johnny Dingo: The Aligator Guy
  • Tobacco Road with Miss Suzy and Bernie
  • A Day at the Races
  • The Dating Connection


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