The Home Front

| August 23, 2012



What happens when a Prisoner of War is on the loose in a small farming town in Upstate New York on Christmas Eve, 1944?  Why, he runs into Santa, a vigilante mob, a little boy, a young couple having their first fight, Gramps, a flustered mom, the Sheriff, a Priest, a loud mouth neighbor and the rest of the funniest town next to Mayberry.

The Home Front is a warm and funny story of a simpler time and how Americans coped with Christmas during WWII.


A full length play set in a small farming community in Upstate New York on Christmas eve.  The Becker family is getting ready for daughter Katherine’s wedding to the home town sweetheart ans newly arrives Marine, Jimmy Lewis.  All the while little Benji Becker, having trouble with the neighborhood bully looks to his grandfather for guidance, since his dad is off fighting in Europe.  Add a snowstorm, a big mouth neighbor, brothers home on leave for their sisters wedding, an escaped German Prisoner of War from a nearby camp who sees grandpa dressed as Santa, a group of neighborhood vigilantes led by a nut who thinks the Beckers are working for the enemy, a local sheriff and priest who try to keep the peace and you ahve a night of mix ups and mayhem.

Why the Home Front?

  • It’s the perfect show for Christmas
  • Very Funny – think the Andy Griffith Show
  • Simple one floor seet with 2 rooms

Script for Sale

If you would like to produce The Home Front yourself, the script is for sale with reasonable royalties.

Writing Credits

The Home Front is an original full length play by Joe Pauly (He’s our Head of Comedy & Snow Biz)

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