The Lodge Brothers Convention Show

| August 23, 2012



The boys of “The Loyal Order of the Unihorns” are holding their annual convention and you are invited.  Complete with secret handshake, initiation ceremony, talent show, and a visit from the Grans Poobah himself – “The Big Horn.” One thing no one expects is the manager of the room to accidentally book a Ladies Cultural Group for the same night!  Can the refined ladies and earthy Unihorns coexist in the same room?

It’s the snobs verses the slobs in this all out battle of the sexes as classic poetry and bird calls take on fake dog doo and Whoppie cushions.


If you’ve ever gone to any club meet then you’ll love “The Lodge Brothers Convention Club.”  Think “The Honeymooners” and the Raccoon’s and “The Flintstones” and the Water Buffalo Club.  It’s an interactive show that plays to any size crowd and any size room. 

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