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| August 23, 2012

What The Press is Saying About Yellow Snow

People love a Snow Day!  We’ve gotten some great reviews from the press over the years.  They seem to appreciate the unique brand of humor and style we provide.

Here are some of our reviews from the press and industry people.


“The Home Front is a funny and Poignant play.”

Ruth Epsky (The Tampa Tribune) about The Home Front


“The Wedding Show sure lived up to it’s claims, aided by the crazy fashions and zany foibles of the guests…this occason may very well be remembered as the most fun-raising event of the season.”

Mary Burrell (Beacon-Leader-Bee) about Rosie & Ira’s Wedding Show


“This well written Amusing play has a an interesting story to tell.”

Sylvia Devy (Leader Publications) about the The Home Front


“We sold out!  Everyone of all ages raved about the performance.  The singing and dancing gave everyone a chance to participate.  I will highly recommend your shows and your cast with pleasure.”

Marc Sanders (Congregation Kol Ami) about a fund raiser using Rosie & Ira’s Wedding Show


“Joe Pauly caught everybody’s attention last year with his performance of the retarded young man in ‘The Foreigner’ for Winter Haven Community Theater.  He showed it was no fluke when he did another bravura job as Stanley in ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs.”

Lakeland Ledger about Joe Pauly’s acting


“There’s a certain warmth in the play and a sentimental message.  I stand by the exit door each night and listen to comments as people leave.  If you can get three quarters of your audience happy, you’re ahead of the game.  I think we definately did that.”

Buzz Dawson (Francis Wilson Playhouse) about The Home Front


“Joe Pauly has created a memorable gallery of portraits on stage, including Stanley in ‘Brighton Beach,’ Ellard in ‘The Foreigner’ and the Cowboy in ‘Bus Stop.”  Here he adds another standout as the loutish recruit Wyowski.”

Niagara Gazette about Joe Pauly’s characters


“Joe Pauly is a scream as Catherine’s dull brother Ellard Simms.”

Lakeland Ledger about one of Joe’s many acting gigs


“What a great event!  We couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable show… a night to remember.  This event drew guests of all ages, and everyone had a blast!

Joanna Sasso-Hoover (Tampa Palms Country Club) about Rosie and Ira’s Wedding Show


“Joe Pauly was awesome.  Hearing him sing Kids was worth thte ticket price.”

Lakeland Ledger about Joe’s singing ability3 of our shows




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