Rosie & Ira’s Comedy Wedding Show

| June 16, 2012

It’s the Jewish-Italian Interactive Dinner Theater Comedy

Rosie & Ira's Comedy Wedding Show

A Wedding Story

What happens when the Godfather’s daughter marries a Jewish Mama’s boy? Why, “Rosie & Ira’s Comedy Wedding Show,” of course.

“Rosie & Ira’s Comedy Wedding Show” is an interactive comedy show where the audience is the guest of honor at the wedding ceremony and the reception.  Watch as two cultures and parents fight it out – for love.


You’ll meet all the members of “da family” from Louie “The Meatball,” his girl, Boo Tana Forrente, body guard Vito and daughter Rosia to MyraMaida Gold Motza, her brother Mel”the Mohel” and her nerdy son Ira Sucha Motza.  Bring along Mary Nara, Sister Maria, ZT, everybody’s uncle Vinny to MC the event and Joey Baggadonuts to provide music and you’ve got a “class” event.  You provide the audience as our wedding guests, a room big enough for tables, chairs, a dancing area and a traditional wedding meal and refreshments

What Do You Get?

YellowSnow Productions brings the whole comedy wedding show right to you, Characters, costumes, music and story.

How Does It Go?

  • Characters interact with guests prior to the ceremony
  • Wedding ceremony takes place right there
  • Reception begins with the traditional dancing, singing, toasts, silly songs, group dances, cake cutting, garter, tossing fo the bouquet and some extra suprises.  You cant miss!



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