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| September 18, 2018

Photos from: The Curse of Frankenstein’s Castle – Comedy Stage Show

Frankenstein Cast

Frankenstein Comedy Show


What happens when you cross “The Godfather” “Goodfellas” and “The Sopranos” with Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol,” Victorian England and Ebenezer Scrooge? You get “A Christmas Cannoli” with Ebenezer Scungli: Mob Boss, that’s what!

It’s a new twist on an old holiday favoritewhen you add some mob flair.  Catch all the fun as Mob boss Ebenezer Scrungli wreaks havoc on the city, da family, his clerk, Bob Clemenza and of course, Tiny Tony. Watch as Don Scrugli gets a visit from all the ghosts and his old partner on Christmas Eve.  Will there be enough time to save Don Scrugili’s soul? Do we really want to save a man who put a hit out on Santa Claus? Laugh along with us as we poke fun at every mob cliche there is.

What Do You Get?

“A Christmas Cannoli” is a community playhouse stage production for audience members.

Packages Available

YellowSnow Productions can produce “A Christmas Cannoli” in a variety of ways to meet your needs:

  • A standalone stage show at your community theatre
  • A private performance at your corporate or holiday function
  • The script is also avaliable for purchase if you would like to produce the play with your own group

When YellowSnow performs the play, we provide all the acotrs, props, costumes, etc. We just need a suitable space to conduct the show.


A Christmas Cannoli was written by Joe Pauly, freely adapted from Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”



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